Managed IT support at your fingertip

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A managed IT support plan is essential for any business that wants to succeed. We’ll become your expert team and strategic IT partner, providing a bespoke service tailored to your needs. We’ll manage your complete IT infrastructure and support your users, both remotely and onsite, leave the hassle to us.

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    Tailored support

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    Industry leading systems & tools

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    Continual service improvements

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    Qualified and passionate people

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    Proactive monitoring of your systems

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    Service desk support available

We offer two simple support plans.

Standard Plan:

On the top of the product cost, we support you for any fault with your software or service that you have purchased from us. This may include some small changes that you need to do for your setup, adding new users, adding accounts, or removing users who have left the company, reassigning product licences, fixing any faults which may happen in the program or service that you are using. Our SLA maximum response time for this service is 8 hours. The cost is £35 per user per month.

Enhanced Plan:

It includes everything in standard plan, plus desktop support. Your users can call for any problem that they have for their physical computer or any application of software that are using. We also support your printers, routers, switches, security. We even deal with your internet provider on your behalf. This service will cost £60 per user per month. Our SLA maximum response time for this is 4 hours.

Server support

This is an ad-hoc service and depends on the type of server you are using, in-house, Azure, DC, AD and so on. This can be added to any plan mentioned above. Call us for this.