Microsoft 365 Business Voice:the fature of telephony


Microsoft 365 Business Voice  

Is a reliable, secure, and intelligent phone system designed for small and medium sized businesses. As a digital, cloud-based phone system - also known as ‘cloud PBX’ (Private Branch Exchange) or ‘hosted VOIP’ (Voice Over Internet Protocol) - Business Voice eliminates the need for servers and equipment. Integrated into Microsoft Teams within Office 365 and Microsoft 365, Business Voice 

  • Gives users a consolidated, unified experience for phone, chat, meetings and conferencing.
  • Includes multi-level auto attendant, call queuing, direct routing policies, voice routing policies, and call policies (group and personal).
  • Enables phone calls to be made from anywhere with internet connection, and via desktop phones, computer-connected headsets, or mobile apps for Android and iOS.
  • Creates a simplified communications infrastructure, managed via the Teams admin console.
  • Incorporates dial-in audio-conferencing, with web and video-enabled online meetings.
  • Enables centralised billing.
  • Offers an easy port facility, enabling a simple move of existing phone numbers, along with the ability to select new numbers.
  • Is flexible and configurable to meet any business need, whatever the individual requirements.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice - the benefits 

At Global Host Centre, we believe that Business Voice is the phone system for small and medium size businesses, enabling businesses to:

  • Simplify communications by unifying calling with chat and meetings in Microsoft Teams, and with contacts and calendar connected across Teams and Outlook.
  • Take collaboration to the next level with Business Voice integrated into Office 365 and Microsoft 365 and enabling the use of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint within calls and meetings.
  • Maintain high availability, supporting business continuity with built-in redundancy and active load balancing and a 99.9% uptime guaranteed by Office 365 and Microsoft 365.
  • Protect communications with built-in security, privacy, and compliance functionality.
  • Eliminate the initial cost and update and maintenance overheads required for on-premises systems.

Why an MSP - and why Global Host Centre - for your phone system (rather than a telco)

Businesses are increasingly turning to cloud for their phone systems. The need for remote working during the past year and the trend towards hybrid working moving forward - along with the opportunities for integrating and unifying solutions and services that cloud offers - have resulted in businesses moving away from traditional on-premises telephony options. 

A managed service provider (MSP) offers a range of IT products and services, through from business applications to infrastructure and security solutions, advice and guidance through to support. 

When dealing with large telcos, the smaller company can feel little more than a number, whereas an MSP is able to provide tailored, individual service having developed a full understanding of the customer’s business. 

Utilising industry knowledge, expertise and skills, an MSP can advise on the most appropriate solution for a company’s needs within a holistic approach to their IT infrastructure, and provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure these needs are continued to be met as the company grows and develops. 

A cloud-based MSP - such as GHC - is, therefore, uniquely positioned to deliver and support cloud-based voice solutions, and why many businesses are looking to MSPs rather than traditional telcos to deliver their phone system.