Frequently Asked Questions


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This is a mechanism that we use to convert your voice into a digital signal in the form of 0s and 1s and push them over internet. Instead of using switching networks provided by telecom companies, we use the internet to get your voice to its destination. And because the internet is free, you will pay peanuts for the cost of a call.

The only cost involved is for the conversion of voice to digital signal and vice versa at the other end. VoIP is not a new technology, it has been around for at least a decade. You are all familiar with Skype, and these days with Zoom, Teams and so on. Most companies now prefer to use VoIP as it is more reliable and cheaper than traditional switching networks.

Telecom companies now mainly use switching networks for homes and they recommend VoIP for businesses.

We offer two types:

1) VoIP from TalkTalk: We have teamed up with TalkTalk, a well-known British telecom company, to bring this service to you. This service is for companies that need a traditional phone on each desk. It looks very much similar to traditional phone systems, the difference being that voice gets converted in the phone and pushed to your router and the router will send it to its destination.

2) VoIP from Gamma: We have also teamed up with a well-known British telecom company called Gamma. Many well-known VoIP providers use the Gamma network in the backend for routing their data. We also route VoIP data to the Gamma network as they offer by far the most reliable VoIP system in Europe. We can utilise your Teams application (which you get from Office 365) to also give you video calling, voice calling and so on.

We recommend this type of VoIP if users would prefer to use a headset instead of a desk phone. With many people working from home during the pandemic, this type of VoIP suited many companies. This is because you effectively take your phone number with you, wherever you go.

No, not at all. You can use any phone of your choice. TalkTalk VoIP is compatible with any VoIP phone. However, the Mitel models that we offer are the brand that TalkTalk has tested, recommends and supports. We obviously do our best to support you if you choose a non-Mitel brand however, keep this in mind that if there is any incompatibility issue for a particular feature that you need, we may not be able to help due to limitations with your chosen phone system.

You can use any brand of headset you want, there is no preference on this one. However, bear this mind that some headsets offer better sound quality and some add buttons to adjust volume or put the call on hold.

Yes, you get all of the traditional features and a lot more. You get all the usual features such as call divert, music on hold, menu for choosing options, etc., and you also get calls diverted to your mobile for free, calling international numbers from your mobile phone for free, video chat over mobile, and much more. For full details refer to our VoIP pages or ask us to send you more information.

Not at all, we can easily port your number, regardless of which VoIP system you choose to go with.

We can recreate the extensions for you, although there may be a slight difference internally. For example, if you dial 123 for reception, 124 for sales, 125 for accounts, etc., they may change to 234 and 235 and 236 and so on. But this is an internal change and will not affect your customers.

Of course, but this is an additional service meaning you will need to record the message in a studio and send it to us, we will then upload it to the system for you.

This is the beauty of buying from us. We are a managed service provider, meaning that we take care of everything for you for a small monthly fee.