Frequently Asked Questions


Virtual Private Server is a server that we build for you in Azure. This is particularly suitable for companies that need to replace their old servers with a new one but do not want to move completely to Azure because of its complications, etc. Or they don't want to invest heavily to buy and commission a new server on the premises.

What we offer instead is building you a virtual server (VPS) in Azure and giving you direct access to it with or without VPN. You can then use it as you wish.

There are a number of uses for a VPS, for example:

  1. A) Moving your Domain Controller to Cloud.

  2. B) Moving your IIS server to Cloud.

  3. C) Moving your SQL database to Cloud.

  4. D) Moving a File Sharing server to Cloud.

  5. E) Moving Remote Desktop Services to Cloud VPS is a cheap and headache free solution to replace old and legacy servers.

Your data is kept within UK borders. You can build in daily backups and VPN access for extra security. These are the options that we will need to discuss with you.

Yes we do. We offer bare metal servers based on HP hardware with the latest technologies in the industry. These servers are pre-built and ready to deploy. For the list of available servers please see the link below:

We do have some pre-built servers in Azure ready to be commissioned. This is another choice and an alternative to our VPS servers which are custom built based on your requirements.