Frequently Asked Questions


Any kind that you need. We can backup just your emails. We can backup your entire Office 365 files and applications. We can backup your virtual machines. We can do a part or full server backup.

We only keep data in the UK and in data centres within UK physical borders. Your data will never leave UK borders.

For Office 365 related accounts, the backup is kept on Microsoft servers within UK borders. In addition to Microsoft, we offer separate backups for Office 365 using Acronis. For other types of backups, again we use Acronis systems which is a household name in the industry for reliability and security.

No, we do not have any access to your files and this is by design. If we were to have such access, no one in the world would trust any backup system. We can only see the file structure from the above view, if that makes sense. When you ask to restore a file, we can only restore the folder in which that file has been saved.

For corrupted files, the roll back can be done within your internal PC. If you have deleted a file completely, we can restore the last version of that file which has been backed up. Sometimes, you may have created a file a few hours ago, while the backup runs at midnight. In this case, the file has not had the chance to be backed up and unfortunately, the file cannot be retrieved.