Frequently Asked Questions


Azure is Microsoft platform with many capabilities. It is designed for medium to large businesses or developers. With Azure, you can set up your entire network in Cloud. Or you can link up your existing on-premises network to run partly in Cloud for some services. This is called a "Hybrid Model".

For example, you can have test servers in Azure for software development. Or you can have your Active Directory in Azure, your database in Azure and much more. The beauty of Azure is that you can turn the system on and off as and when needed. So you only pay for what you use and get charged by the minute. It is safe, secure and very reliable.

Azure offers more than 200 products and Cloud services that you can utilise for your business. Government agencies, manufacturing, financial services and retailers are some of the users of Azure. Azure runs from multiple locations for redundancy, protection and resiliency. With Azure, adding an extra server or service can be done in a matter of minutes. Whereas with an old on-premises setup, buying a server, installing OS and applications, configuring it, and securing takes days if not weeks.

First you need to be clear what you want to do. Some examples are:

  1. A) Moving your AD (Active Directory) to Azure.

  2. B) Moving your SQL database to Azure.

  3. C) Creating a Virtual server of Windows / Linux in Azure.

  4. D) Creating a large storage space in Azure.

  5. E) Creating a mobile App service in Azure.

  6. F) Set up Virtual Desktop in Azure, and so forth.

All the scenarios above require some form of hardware to be provisioned. The hardware will have specifications for the amount of disk space, amount of RAM (memory), processor speed and so on. There is no single solution to offer you off the shelf. Azure is a custom build solution, so decide what you want it for, give us a call and we will discuss it and give you a quote. Remember, whatever solution you get can be switched off until you need it next, or scaled up or down as your requirements change.

We are well positioned with our partners and internal engineers to provide help and support for Azure. Most customers of Azure have in-house IT engineers and they only expect us to deliver an up-and-running system to them. Should you wish to get ongoing support from us it can be provided, however the cost involved very much depends on the type of support you need and the type of Azure service(s) you have.

We can even provide a permanent support staff stationed in your office should that be needed.