Frequently Asked Questions


We offer two main services:

1) Email security. We put an automatic system in place monitoring all emails for viruses, spam, etc. We do not have access to the content of emails, they remain confidential.

2) Security for internal computers within your business environment. We install our security agent on each machine. We constantly monitor your computers for viruses, spam and any other security risk, not only coming through emails but also through, for example, an infected memory stick.

When there is a new update for your security software, we update all the systems automatically and in the background without affecting your work. It is important to know that the agent only monitors the computer files for risky codes coming in. We do not have access to any file whatsoever and we cannot access your system without your permission and knowledge. Of course, you can buy security software from us and install them in your systems manually and control them yourself if this is what you prefer.

We are an independent company. It absolutely makes no difference to us what product you buy. Vade or Symantec are both first class software for automatic email security, so the choice is yours.

The short answer is yes. Email security software only protects you against threats coming through emails. What about threats coming from file sharing through memory sticks, internet downloads, etc.? The security threats are now so complicated that you have to be very vigilant.

We have two services you can choose depending on your preference: ESET and Bitdefender. They are both world class systems. We install an agent of the respective software in each machine and then the agent protects your system. In case there is any security breach, we get notified straight away. We can then update the agent or run further security scans on your system in the background without any interruption to your work. This security monitoring is a live and real time process which gives you peace of mind.