Frequently Asked Questions


Hosting refers to a space on a server which is connected to the internet 24/7/365 with one-to-one connection for the best speed and performance. This space is given to you for a monthly cost. Within this space you can place your website and have your mailboxes set up to send and receive email to/from.

As part of our managed service, we take care of all technical issues for you.

Linux and Windows refer to the operating system of the server on which your account is running. As you probably know, Linux is an open source operating system which is free and many applications that run on it are also free. However, the internet connected to the server, maintenance, engineer cost, etc. are not free.

On the other hand, the Windows operating system, in particular the server version, is very costly and we have to buy the licence from Microsoft. Additionally, many applications that are compatible with Windows are also chargeable, hence there is a price difference between Linux and Windows platforms. In terms of functionalities, most Linux systems are very secure and reliable. Many applications such as eCommerce, online shops, forums, and all those that need a database to run are more stable on the Linux operating system. These applications are usually written using PHP code which is very stable and compatible with Linux operating systems.

Many sophisticated applications that use the Microsoft .Net library code need to be run on a Windows operating system as they are not compatible with Linux. However, we have installed an application on our Windows servers that allow PHP code and dependant applications will run happily on Windows operating systems. So, if you fancy Windows but your web applications are Linux based, you can still run them on our Windows servers.

There are two ways of accessing your emails:

1) You can use an Office application such as Outlook. Outlook is a client mail application and can be configured to connect to the server to automatically download all new emails. You can work within Outlook and not have to think about how it is connected to the server (it is our job make it work).

2) If you are away from your main computer and have no access to your usual Outlook application, you can still pop into any internet cafe or borrow someone's laptop, open a browser, go to the webmail and have access to all your emails. This is very similar to Hotmail, Gmail, AOL and other systems.

In this way, you access the mailbox directly on the server. If you have a Linux hosting account, use this format to access your webmail:
If you have a Windows hosting account, use this format: (here we assumed your domain ends with .com, but it can be anything).


Simple, they charge you for the bare minimum and if you need more services along the way, they will charge you extra for it. In addition, they give you a huge web space which you will never use but you are happy that you have it. In the backend they take it away and utilise it for some other accounts. We don't do that, we will not over sell something that you never need. But what you do need is a "bandwidth". We don't cut corners with bandwidth, we give you a huge one from the start.

Bandwidth is what allows many people to visit and view your site at the same time without your site crashing or slowing down. We also use the most up to date hardware and fastest internet connectivity.

Above all, our hosting plans come with support and maintenance included.

We have several measures in place:

1) We use first class hardware and servers in a dedicated datacentre with engineers on hand 24/7.

2) All customers on the server are isolated from each other so if one site goes down everyone else is still safe and stable.

3) We perform automatic daily backups which you can ask us to restore at any time.

4) Our software monitors database usage and throttles abusers preventing them from overloading the server, improving overall stability and performance.

5) We don't allow users to use their mailboxes as a storage for emails by limiting the capacity of mailboxes. Over usage of mailboxes slows down your mail system and affects the performance of the server. If you plan to keep all your emails, we suggest moving to Office 365.

6) We use two datacentres, one is the mirror of the other one. If we get power failure of any sort, fire in the building, etc. the mirror site will kick in without you even noticing it

ASPSMS, ASPUpload, ASPJPEG, ASPPDF and many more.

For Linux: You can use (which gets changed automatically to You can then save this in your browser favourites.

For Windows: You can use However, for security reasons, we recommend using as it provides a more secure connection with SSL/TLS.

POP3 or IMAP Host Address: (incoming server)
SMTP Host Address: (outgoing server)

Username: The email address you are checking email for
Password: As specified in your control panel

Please note:

You can use for incoming (POP3/IMAP) and outgoing servers (SMTP), but you must not tick the box in Outlook setup where it says SSL connection.

We recommend POP3 for PCs in office environments and IMAP for laptops and mobile phones. This is because the POP3 method downloads the email onto your system while IMAP works directly from the server, which means they are not downloaded onto your laptop and phone, saving you space.