Frequently Asked Questions


It depends on the type of service you buy from us. For example:

Domain & Hosting: We manage your domain and link it up to your hosting account. If needed, we can help you to move your domain and current website to our server. We can install certain packages for you, such as WordPress, eCommerce, etc. We back up your site for redundancy. The price you pay for your domain and hosting plan includes most of the above support. However there will be some exceptions.

Office 365: We offer two level of support. Standard support only covers you for the product that you have purchased from us and may include managing extra services (like back up, signature, etc.) that you have also purchased from us. This support includes problems that you may come across during your daily use of the package. For example, if you are not getting your emails, your emails are not sending, your signature isn’t appearing at the bottom of your emails, if you need to know how to set up an out of office message, etc.

The next level of support is called Enhanced. This includes all the standard support plus desktop/laptop support for your employees. With this support you are fully covered for anything to do with running your day to day IT within your business. For example, if your broadband has stopped working, you can call us instead of your broadband company and we will deal with it. If your office printer is not responding, you can call us. If a new employee is starting and you need a new account for them, you can call us. If an employee is leaving, you can let us know in advance and as soon as they finish, we will block their access to the company network. We fully manage your IT infrastructure. However, there are occasions that we can't fix a problem remotely. In that case we will have to attend your site. We do charge for this extra service. With Standard support, you get no site attendance included in your support package, but with Enhanced support you will get 2 hours per month site attendance included.

When you order certain services on our website, you will be able to choose from Standard or Enhanced support. Standard support is only offered for Microsoft related products and security software.

Enhanced support is for everything you use internally including the packages that you have purchased from us. We charge per user. For extra site attendance, we charge £50 per hour.

Support calls are effectively unlimited, however, agents are instructed to spend about 15 minutes on each case. We normally do our best to be flexible. However, this may run over and we may spend a lot of time helping you, and in these cases we will then charge you for some of our time. Of course, for some services such as data migrations, email migrations, etc. we will quote you in advance because the time we will need to spend will depend on the volume of data to be migrated.

It is standard practice that once we get begin engaging with your systems, we will need to install a small piece of utility software (we call it Agent) on your system. This agent gets linked automatically to the software we run internally which gathers all the technical information about your systems and servers and the network you have.

Agent reports all the activities to our system and if there is going to be an incident soon, we get notified beforehand. This means we can address the issue before you have noticed it. Our internal software allows us to run some services in the background of your computers without interfering with your daily work, such as virus detection. If you need us to access your system, we can only do so with your permission and knowledge.

We do NOT have access to any files or folders on your systems. We only have access to system files which are kept separate on your system

No, server support is a different case and requires a special set of skills. We employ dedicated engineers who only deal with server issues. For servers, our charges depend on the number of servers and the type of servers (AD, SQL, Storage, etc.), therefore the price varies. Please get in touch for more information and a quote.

Mobile device management, or MDM, requires a different arrangement. The MDM support software allows us to track the location of the phone, wipe it remotely if it is lost or stolen, block it and so on. We cannot backup your phone, this can only be done through the software which comes with the phone, in the case of Android phones, and through Apple ID if it is an Apple phone. In some cases we can also monitor your WiFi routers and access points and run some fixes. Ask us if you need this.