Hosted Exchange Explained



Many companies in the past and still right now use in house Exchange server. Exchange server is a tricky equipment to manage. You always need an IT engineer to maintain and manage the server for you. This would mean extra cost of hiring an in-house engineer or having a support company looking after it for you. In anyway, the cost is high as it is very specialised application to run.

With the invention of Cloud, now most companies are moving to cloud. The reliability and reduced cost and the security involved have been a major factor for IT decision makers to decide the shift. If you are using your web host company for your email system, you might know that mail box sizes are limited. Even we can only offer maximum 2G for each mail box with our hosting packages. With Exchange, you can have as much as 125 G of space for each mailbox for a fraction of the cost.

What is important to know is that all our Exchange servers are based in the UK and managed by UK-based team. No email leaves British Isles, no one from US government has access to any email for snooping. Our Exchange is purely BRITISH. With our Hosted Exchange, we maintain and update the server and fix any issue. Even for a small monthly fee we can dedicate an engineer to look after your account for maximum performance.

Hosted Exchange is just as secure as in-house Exchange but without hassle and cost of maintaining the server. If you have a hosting account but need large mailboxes because you wish to keep a copy of each email you receive, then perhaps Hosted Exchange is for you.